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8 Weird Habits That Show You’re an INFJ

Weird Things All INFJs Do

INFJ is one of the 16 personality types in the MBTI, and although the may share similar character traits with other types, INFJ individuals possess a unique blend of characteristics that often leave most others in bemused awe.

From their passion to detail to their mystery-infused behavior, INFJs can seem like complex creatures – but their odd habits are what make them truly one-of-a-kind. So here are 8 strange quirks some INFJs may recognize.

1. They Either Get Up Really Early or Stay Up Too Late

INFJs tend to be all or nothing people and this often extends to their sleep routines. They deeply crave balance in their lives, but sometimes what gets in the way is their own active minds. INFJs can often find themselves in a state of existential angst, staying up late at night to contemplate the mysteries of the universe.

This is because they have a natural proclivity for deep introspection and philosophical musings, resulting in a longing for inner peace or resolution that can keep them up until the sun rises. Alternatively, they may rouse themselves early in order to take advantage of the stillness and tranquility before daybreak provides any distractions from their searching minds.

However no matter what time of day they choose to focus on their thoughts, INFJs’ unique perspective on life allows them to ponder life’s most abstract questions, ultimately helping them achieve a higher understanding of themselves and those around them.

2. Their Morning Routines Are Either Super Productive, or Incredibly Lazy

INFJs can have vastly different morning routines depending on the day, their current level of energy, or even their overall motivation. Oftentimes these differences can be stark and is possibly another manifestation of their all or nothing nature.

An INFJ feeling productive might rise early and spend at least an hour in contemplation before turning to the tasks of the day, while one in a lazy mood will stumble out of bed as late as possible and quickly grab whatever is available for breakfast so that they can begin their obligations.

This discrepancy lies in their complicated personalities: INFJs are often drawn both toward self-reflection in order to better understand themselves and toward doing what's necessary to best benefit their corner of the world.

Such a conflict can often lead down two paths, each one offering its own set of rewards and its own set of obligations. In trying to satisfy the duality of their very nature, they must choose between indulging in moments of introspection, or taking concrete steps toward something greater; either way they go, it is far more complex than simply being productive or lazy.

3. They Can Be Quite Neglectful of Themselves When They Are Working

INFJs are natural nurturers who are often driven by an unwavering mission for betterment. However these passions can be both a blessing and a curse, as they can quickly become consumed with their work and forget all about taking care of themselves.

This isn’t often intentional, but rather an unconscious choice - one made out of enthusiasm for what they are creating, or a need to complete a task at hand. INFJs need time to slow down, relax, and connect with others if they want to continue being productive in their endeavors, yet self-care is so often neglected when they happen across something particularly inspiring or meaningful.

It's easy for INFJs to forget that restorative practices are essential for them in order to stay balanced and maintain healthy relationships, both internally and externally When INFJs don't take the time out to care for themselves, especially emotionally, they can run the risk of losing their connection with their present moment and the people in their lives.

4. They Are Often Lost in Their Daydreams

INFJs have a vivid and active inner life, fuelled by deep creative passions and ambitions. Daydreaming allows INFJs to explore the different paths they could take in life, musing on the possibilities that exist beyond what is already known.

It is an exercise in exploration and imagination, giving them access to a greater range of emotions and perspectives than their everyday routines often allow. This capacity to explore their imagination is rooted in their desire to understand the world around them, their own hearts, and create something impactful in the world.

Daydreaming can also give INFJs the space to foster certain meaningful connections with people and their life circumstances which almost feel like coming home. It is an escape from mundanity, but also has the power to emotionally recharge them, allowing them to feel deeply connected with something larger than themselves.

However their internal drive to discover the unseen can also lead INFJs away from their present moment and into their own thoughts, leaving them lost in a trap of daydreams and never quite finding true satisfaction with what they have right now.

5. If They’re Not Indulging in Creative Pursuits, They’re Often Thinking About It

INFJs can find themselves turning towards creative projects, like writing, creating art or music and things such as this, as a form of self-expression and exploration. Creative endeavours provide INFJs with a way to explore their inner worlds and share those places with others.

For INFJs, a creative pursuit can give them an outlet to release pent up emotions, while also helping them uncover greater depths of understanding that they're looking for within themselves. It can give them permission to go on a journey, discover new ideas and feelings, and leave it all behind in a tangible evidence of the intensely personal moments of those experiences.

It is an outlet for the tumult within and an opportunity for great clarity in their life - providing some closure or rest from the struggles that often fill their minds and hearts. There’s actually a certain longing that comes with a creative process for an INFJ, something that beckons them to explore, imagine the meaningful and find a sense of peace in the world.

6. They May Send a Message to Show They Care, but They May Not Always Reply

INFJs are very thoughtful, compassionate people who are naturally inclined to stay connected with those they care about - especially when there's been a long period of time without contact. When INFJs send messages to friends they haven't heard from in a while, it might be because their heart is longing for that connection again.

Checking up on someone can be an INFJ's way of silently expressing feelings of missing them, or re-establishing trust if the friendship is strained. However they can often become overwhelmed when it comes to responding to any messages they may get.

This could be due to their need for time to think things through and the strong emotional side of their personalities. They have an internal drive that motivates them to protect their emotional energy, meaning that they would prefer to consider all the factors before they decide how best to respond.

INFJs also understand the importance of maintaining meaningful conversations with those that are close to them and don’t want to let them down by not responding appropriately. This struggle with quickly replying is therefore most likely tied with the complexities of making decisions based on feelings or intuition, instead of cold facts, which for an INFJ requires a longer processing time than is typical.

7. They Can Struggle to Venture Out of Their Homes

INFJs may often make excuses not to leave the house, instead opting for cozy retreats in their inner worlds. For INFJs, venturing out can be a daunting and sometimes unpleasant task. This is because INFJs are highly intuitive, perceptive creatures and too much outside stimulation—even when enjoyable—can feel overwhelming.

Add a touch of introversion to the mix and leaving the house can seem like an unbearable project all too easily. For them, being at home is not just about physical protection, but rather about feeling content in a familiar setting.

The sense of security, comfort and order that can be found there often provides a more powerful source of motivation to remain inside. Many INFJs really struggle finding a balance between exploring their inner space and appreciating life beyond the walls of their sanctuary. They too often fail to recognize that there is valuable joy and insight to be found in both realms.

8. They Can Feel Easily Moved by Art

INFJs are highly attuned to powerful emotions and intangible concepts, often finding themselves moved easily by a heartfelt story, moment in a movie, a poignant piece of art or song. For INFJs, these types of experiences can carry significant weight as they have the ability to deeply reflect and feel the emotions being presented in relation to them.

INFJs love to look for the deeper meaning behind each scene or brush stroke, and so they can imagine themselves living vicariously in a characters shoes. The profound beauty or tragedy of it all can speak to an INFJ’s very soul, allowing them to be moved by truth and complexity on an entirely different level than the majority of those in the world.

However, while these experiences often fill their hearts with deep appreciation, it can also leave an INFJ feeling wistful for more—a longing that is often difficult to articulate or quell.


As humans we all have quirks and eccentricities that make us unique. For INFJs, their unconventional habits and behaviors is something that definitely sets them apart from other types. While some may choose to see these habits as strange or even undesirable at times, INFJs should proudly embrace them as part of who they are. Now what other wonderful quirks have we missed?