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9 Weirdest Traits of the INFJ Personality Type

Why Are INFJs Such Weirdos

The enigmatic INFJ personality type is often shrouded in mystery, but today, we're shedding light on the unique traits that make INFJs one of the most fascinating and misunderstood personality types in the world.

From their uncanny intuition to their insatiable quest for meaning, we'll take a deep dive into the quirks and characteristics that make INFJs truly one-of-a-kind. For those of you who are unfamiliar, INFJs make up around 1% to 2% of the population, making them one of the rarest personality types in the world. But don't let their rarity fool you - INFJs are a force to be reckoned with.

Their deep sense of empathy, coupled with their uncanny ability to read others, makes them natural leaders and problem-solvers. But, as with any personality type, there are certain traits that can be considered "weird" or unexpected. So let’s explore 9 of the weirdest traits of the INFJ personality type.

9 Weirdest Traits of the INFJ Personality Type

1. They’re Real Old Souls

INFJs are often thought of as old souls due to their natural inclination towards inner exploration. These rare individuals prefer to delve deep into the complexities of their own hearts and minds, making them wise beyond their years.

They don't necessarily feel the need to be outwardly expressive with the world, instead they often spend time reflecting on the world within and without themselves. The understanding that comes from such reflection can lead to a mature, and possibly even sage-like view on things.

Those who interact with INFJs may find themselves taken aback by this wisdom—feeling as though their conversation partner is much older than expected. This is simply why an INFJ can appear like an old soul, even in a young body.

2. They’re Always Wondering Why People Are Idiots

INFJs are often puzzled by how people can behave as if they're oblivious to something so obvious or simple. INFJs believe in looking at the bigger picture and considering the implications their actions have, but to see people overlook this and unknowingly cause more harm than good bothers them.

It's these instances that lead most INFJ to ask 'why are people such idiots?' It's not out of any disrespect for others, but rather a desire to understand why it's so difficult for some to think bigger than themselves. After all, if everyone took a second to consider their decisions from different perspectives, imagine how much richer life would be.

3. They Notice Everything

INFJs can easily be defined by their acute observation capabilities. Compassionate and understanding, they are widely known for paying attention to even the tiniest of details. This is not only due to their naturally curious nature, but also because of the complexity of their cognitive processes.

INFJs mull over small observations a lot deeper than other personality types might, often uncovering oddly consistent patterns that others may not notice. Additionally, INFJs have radar-like intuition which helps them form a clear image of things happening around them, so that nothing escapes their eagle eye.

All this leads to an increased ability to pick up on potential problems or pertinent information well in advance, making them one of the most detail-oriented personalities out there.

4. They’re Incredibly Perceptive

INFJs have a unique ability to gain insight into a person’s life simply from observing. They often possess an innate empathy and genuine concern for their fellow man, which provides them with the ability to recognize nuances in behavior and body language.

This often allows them the ability to intuit even the most subtle of signals, adept at reading between the lines to uncover underlying meanings lurking beneath each person’s exterior. This intuitive insight gives INFJs a deeper understanding of those around them, allowing them to form valid conclusions about someone's life before they ever even speak with that individual. This insight is invaluable in comprehending various relationships, and often allows INFJs an ability to better empathize with others.

5. They Detect Fake People From a Mile Away

It can be difficult to fool an INFJ, as they tend to pay close attention to the subtle details that many miss. They typically have excellent intuition and easily detect when someone is not being entirely truthful.

Even if they are having difficulties reading a particular situation, INFJs are heavily reliant on their gut feelings to guide them; if something does not feel quite right, they will likely pick up on it.

As these personalities tend to take their relationships seriously and highly value trustworthiness, deceiving an INFJ would represent a severe breach of their trust and could potentially undermine their views on a persons character altogether.

6. They Feel People’s Pain as if It Were Their Own

The INFJ personality type is often characterized by their innate ability to feel deeply, particularly the emotions of others. This can be both a strength—allowing them to provide profound understanding and empathy, and a burden, because it means they sometimes experience the distress of the people around them as if it were their own.

INFJs are highly empathic individuals, able to relate to another person’s struggles on an almost instinctive level. For this reason, they take great pains to try and help those around them overcome their suffering and find solace, even when doing so means putting their own needs aside.

Their immense capacity for compassion can be as much of a curse as an asset; though it allows them to comfort and console friends in times of need, it can also leave INFJs feeling overwhelmed in certain situations.

7. They Want All or Nothing

INFJs tend to be seekers of desire, wanting to give their all in any given situation, which is why they prefer an all-or-nothing approach. When an INFJ truly commits to a task or relationship, they become incredibly dedicated and passionate about it, bringing new levels of energy and potential to that duty.

This may stem from the fact that INFJs view their world through the lens of ideals; and often times, these dreams are so grand and ambitious that compromise may seem impossible. Nevertheless, INFJs constantly strive for perfection in everything that they do and having an all-or-nothing attitude is one way that they attempt to achieve it.

8. They Are Often Walking Contradictions

INFJs are complex individuals, often full of contradictions. They possess a unique combination of intuition, empathy, and introspection that allows them to see the world in a rather unique way. They are deeply empathetic and caring individuals who strive to make the world a better place, yet they can also be fiercely independent and private.

They have a strong sense of morality and want to be true to themselves, but they also want to be accepted and understood by others. This complexity often means they have a hard time fitting into traditional social roles, causing them to feel like outsiders in their own communities.

Many INFJs, as a result, often find themselves caught between their desire to be true to themselves and their need to be accepted by others, and this can lead to a sense of inner turmoil and confusion that not many can understand.

9. They Won’t Settle for Mediocre

INFJs are not the type to settle for less. They are driven by a desire to connect with others on a deep and authentic level. They seek partners who can understand and support their unique needs and desires, and who can offer them the same level of emotional depth and intimacy in return.

This can make INFJs seem picky or difficult to please when it comes to relationships. They are not content with surface-level connections or superficial interactions.

They want to delve deep into the hearts and minds of those they come into contact with, and they want to be fully understood and accepted for who they truly are. Unfortunately, this can also make INFJs seem weird or out of touch to those around them.

They may be perceived as being too intense or demanding in their relationships, or as having unrealistic expectations. But the truth is, INFJs simply cannot settle for less when it comes to love and connection. They need to feel truly seen and understood in order to thrive.

Ultimately, INFJs possess a unique set of traits that are often perceived as strange or confusing by those around them. But for the INFJ, these quirks are simply a reflection of their deep inner selves, constantly searching for meaning and understanding in a world that often fails to make sense.

In a world where conformity is supremely valued, INFJs may sometimes feel like they don't belong, but it is through embracing their weirdness that they will ultimately find true fulfillment and purpose.