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15 Signs You’re an ISTP Personality Type

Logical minds and skilled hands, the ISTP is known for their mechanically-inclined expertise and their incomparable problem-solving skills. Also referred to as ‘the crafter’, ‘the maker’ or ‘the virtuoso’, this expert personality type prefers to explore the world with their eyes and their hands, fueled by their naturally spirited curiosity. But specific traits make this type so unique?

1. You Were Born to Problem Solve

Not only does the ISTP enjoy problem solving, but they’re actually naturally attuned to solving issues in times of conflict and crisis. Equipped with hands-on creativity and a touch of spontaneity, their methods may seem a little irrational or risky, but they almost always find the appropriate solution. Yet, the ISTP won’t just dictate the solution, but would actually prefer to get their hands dirty and do it themselves when the situation calls for it.

2. They Are Natural Fixers

Speaking of getting their hands dirty, the ISTP is all about taking things apart in order to better understand them, only to put them back together better than they found them. They have a natural interest and ability to easily learn the inner-workings and mechanisms that make up an item, and using their natural problem solving skills, they can fix pretty much anything if they set their minds to it. Of course all ISTPs have their own unique hobbies, but this natural curiosity allows them to understand the ins and outs in order to truly dominate their area of expertise.

3. You Don’t Get Lost in Your Mind

Well, I’m sure we all tend to get lost in our heads from time to time, but unlike most introverts who have the reputation of being daydreamers, the ISTP is quite different. This interesting type has their feet firmly planted on the ground, which allows them to stay quite relaxed and optimistic in their day-to-day life. They aren’t inclined to ruminate about the past, or worry about the future, instead they enjoy the moment in front of them.

4. Your a Risk Taker

Easily bored and ready for a new adventure, the ISTP can find themselves drawn to high-risk situations that give them the thrill they’re looking for. Extreme sports, fast driving cars, roller coasters, gambling.. And the list goes on..

Anything that gives this thrill-seeking type the adrenaline they crave will likely catch their attention! Luckily, because they’re such quick reactors and tend to be tuned into their outer environment, the ISTP tends to actually excel in some of the riskier activities in life, giving them a better chance at beating the odds!

5. Your a Risk Taker

A need for thrill and a curious mind is what gives the ISTP such an interesting array of experiences in their lifetime. In fact, curiosity is what fuels this risk taker into experiencing so many of the things most people wouldn’t dare to try.

The issue is that the ISTP curiosity is insatiable, meaning they are never quite satisfied with the amount of things they’re learning or the level of thrill for the things they’re experiencing. While this encourages them to start new projects and try new things, it’s not uncommon for them to leave projects half completed.. Which brings us to the next point..

6. You Dislike Commitment

Living a life full of adventurousness and thrill doesn’t always make room for commitments… but the ISTP doesn’t really mind it that way. Long term commitments seem burdensome for the ISTP who can’t be held down or controlled without feeling irritable.

They live life in the moment, taking things day-by-day - without the feeling of being locked into something for an unknown amount of time. Of course, this can make things like long term relationships a little more challenging for the Virtuoso type.

7. You’re Quite Private

Sure, most ISTPs are known to be friendly, optimistic and easy to talk to.. But they tend to be quite private in their goals, ambitions, and emotions. While privacy isn’t necessarily a trait that is unique to the ISTP, being an introverted type, they tend to be quite reserved to have such an exciting life to share.

Whether it be due to their observing nature, or not, the ISTPs generally don’t express themselves verbally, and they genuinely don’t want to - especially to people that come off as annoying or arrogant.

8. You Like When People Take Interest in Your Craft

So.. certain social situations generally drain the ISTP just as much as they do with any other introverted type, but when the topic is surrounding their hobby, expertise or project..

You may just catch the ISTPs attention! By creating a common ground surrounding a topic they’re well educated on, the ISTP may just open up a little more. They also love to lend a hand using their mechanically-inclined expertise when the time comes.

9. You Are Known for Acting Too Hastily

One of the biggest challenges in an ISTPs life is learning how to manage impulsive decisions. This quick-thinking type tends to use the ‘act first and think later’ tactic in many of their decisions in life.

This can look like spontaneously ditching important projects or plans because something more exciting came up, accidentally blurting out an offensive joke, or even adopting overall unpredictable behaviours that makes them seem unreliable or insensitive. Sure, it seems like a good idea at the time, but they can’t run from the consequences.

10. You Probably Struggled in the Average School System

With a need for hands-on learning and a reluctance towards abstraction, most ISTPs have been known to experience struggle in some areas of school. They may have even been diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, or other concentration-behaviors - when in reality the learning ISTP just needs the practical application of given concepts in order to efficiently learn through hands-on experience.

11. You Show Natural Kinesthetic Intelligence

ISTPs are not only grounded in the present moment, but they are also physically grounded within their bodies. ISTPs are aware and intune with how their bodies move and what’s required of it depending on the project or activity.

This gives them the strong hand-eye coordination, agility and dexterity that is needed for working with their hands or showing off their athletic skills.

12. You Value Artistry and Quality Craftsmanship

Let’s just say.. It wouldn’t be too surprising to find a vintage classic car, a top-of-the line motorcycle, or high-end power tools in the ISTPs workshop. While they may be simple folks who thrive on functionality, the ISTP has their hobbies and enjoyments, and doesn’t mind splurging on the finest of quality when they’re looking to indulge or treat themselves.

Whether it be high-quality goods, indulgent meals, or their latest hobby - if it catches an ISTP’s eye, they just may rationalize the high ticket value.

13. You Use a Perfect Combination of Mind and Body

Okay.. you probably get it by now that the ISTP is incredibly skilled with hands-on work but just because they’re good with practical projects doesn’t mean they’re not incredibly intelligent.

In fact, the only reason the ISTP personality type is so good with their hands is because of what their brilliant minds are capable of.

To put it simply, the ISTP brain is not only naturally equipped to soak up facts and quickly comprehend new concepts, but they also rarely forget important details. Actually, many ISTPs would consider themselves a nerd or a geek, while others prefer to follow their expertise in handy topics.

14. Giving Emotional Support Doesn’t Come Naturally

For the most part, when it comes to sensitive and emotional topics, the ISTP wants to be furthest away from getting involved. Due to their logical tendencies, even when the ISTP personality type tries to meet someone halfway with emotional sympathy, it rarely seems to be taken in the right context.

However, they still much rather deal with circumstances by offering practical advice rather than sympathy. Yet, unfortunately feelings are a big part of being human, and this lack of emotion may be the main reason this type is known to be one of the lonliest personality types.

15. You’re a Fan of Libertarianism

ISTPs can see the logic in libertarianism as a political philosophy. Possibly due to their reluctance towards being controlled or held down, the ISTP values the concept of maximizing autonomy and political freedoms within the world.

They can see the positives in freedom of choice and individualism within a society due to their dominant introverted thinking function that allows them to make decisions based on logical analysis. This can also lead ISTPs to be believers in certain social and political conspiracies, with a subtle distrust in the people of power.