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9 Weird Things ALL INFJs Do

Most INFJs have found themselves being called weird or strange at some point in their lives. They are typically old souls, and being only less than 3% of the population, they’re incredibly uncommon individuals, especially in the usually shallow and sensory worlds they habit. Its therefore not surprising for an INFJs thoughts and behaviors to be considered abnormal by majority standards.

Whilst being judged as weird or awkward can certainly have negative connection in our society, INFJs should see it as endearing and something that sets them apart from the mundane and predictable world we live in.

9 Weird Things ALL INFJs Do

1. They are always daydreaming

INFJs are known for their daydreaming tendencies. They often get lost in thought, imagining far-off lands and worlds that only exist in their minds. To others, it may seem like they're always in a daze, but INFJs are simply letting their imaginations run wild.

Although daydreaming is natural for INFJs, it can also be seen as weird or even creepy by those who don't understand them. INFJs often have intense and penetrating stare, which can make it seem like they're staring right through you.

This can be unsettling for people who are not used to being around such deep thinkers. However, INFJs are usually harmless dreamers who just want to escape into their own world for awhile.

2. They can sense things others can’t

INFJs are often said to have a "strong intuition." What this usually refers to, is an INFJs natural tendency in seeing patterns and making connections that other people usually miss. This ability can appear mysterious or even "weird" to people who don't share the INFJ personality type.

However, it's really just a matter of seeing the world in a different way. INFJs are able to pick up on subtleties and connect the dots in ways that other people are just not capable of doing to the same degree.

This intuitive ability is one of an INFJ's greatest strengths. It allows them to see possibilities and potentials that others might miss, and to find creative solutions to problems no one has considered. 

However when INFJ start talking about something that seems far-fetched, more often than not, people will write it off as crazy talk before realizing, they were actually onto something.

3. They can take a long time to make decisions

INFJs are known for being introspective and intelligent, but they can also have a hard time making decisions. It's not that INFJs can't make up their minds; it's that they agonize over every possible outcome before finally settling on a course of action.

This can be frustrating for both INFJs and the people around them, who may not understand why INFJs can't just pick something and go with it. In many cases, INFJs simply need more time to process all of the information before they can feel confident in their choice.

For INFJs, the stakes are always high, even with more mundane choices, which is why they take their time to ensure they're making the right decision.

4. They are not open books

INFJs are often private people, and this can be confusing or even off-putting to those who don’t know them. On the surface, INFJs can seem cold or distant. They may not share much about their personal lives, and they may come across as aloof or even mysterious.

However, INFJs are simply people who value their privacy. They often have rich inner lives, and they more often than not, prefer to keep their thoughts and feelings to themselves. This does not mean that INFJs are unfriendly or uninterested in others.

In fact, INFJs can be incredibly warm and compassionate people. They just tend to be more private than other personality types. For INFJs, it is important to have a few close friends or family members with whom they can share their true selves. These special relationships are treasured by INFJs, and they will do everything they can to nurture them.

5. They’re always looking ahead to the future

INFJs are always thinking about the future. It's one of their most defining personality traits. They can't help it - it's how their brains are wired. While other personality types might be content to live in the moment, INFJs are constantly running simulations in their heads, trying to figure out what might happen down the road.

This can make them appear weird to some people, who just don't understand why they’re always asking "what if" questions. But for INFJs, foresight is key. They believe that by understanding the future, they can better shape it to their liking.

And that's why they’ll never stop thinking about what might be. They’ll always be looking for ways to improve their lives and the lives of those around them. They’ll constantly be asking themselves "What can I do to make this situation better?" Whilst their focus on the future can appear weird to some, they’ll always be prepared for whatever comes their way.

6. They can sense things in people

INFJs are sometimes referred to as "the empaths of the Myers-Briggs world." And it's true that they’re highly attuned to other people's emotions. But what people don't realize is that this intuition goes both ways.

INFJs can sense when others are in pain, but they can also sense when they're hiding something, or when they're about to do something they don't approve of. INFJs have a strong moral compass, and they’re not afraid to speak up when they see something wrong, that's about to happen.

This can sometimes make them appear judgmental or overly opinionated, but really, they just want to make sure everyone is on the right path. They can't help it - it's just how their brains are wired. INFJs can therefore make ideal friends to those that appreciate hearing the truth. INFJs don’t tend to sugarcoat anything, but they’ll also be there for you no matter what.

7. They think more deeply than most people can fathom

INFJs are deeply inquisitive, and they spend a lot of time mulling over their complex thoughts and feelings. They're often the people who are always asking why things are the way they are - constantly looking for hidden meanings and patterns.

This can sometimes make INFJs seem like they're in their own world, or like they're not really listening to what other people are saying. But the truth is, INFJs are just processing information differently than other types.

They're constantly synthesizing data and making connections that others might not see. This gives INFJs a unique perspective on the world, and it's one of the things that makes them such imaginative, creative people. They see the world in terms of possibilities, not limitations.

An INFJ lost in thought often comes across as weird to people who don’t posses the same depth of contemplation, but being lost in thought is just an INFJs way of trying to make sense of their world.

8. They can be walking, talking contradictions

INFJs are often full of contradictions. They may be shy and reserved in social situations, but also have a deep need for close relationships. They may seem calm and collected on the outside, but internally they are constantly processing their environment and looking for ways to improve their understanding of the world.

This combination of traits can sometimes make INFJs seem strange, ridiculous paradoxes. However, it is precisely these contradictions that make INFJs such intriguing and fascinating people. They are always seeking to grow and learn, and their unique perspective often leads them to find creative solutions, that most others have not even considered.

9. They depth of feeling can be intense

INFJs are often described as very intense people, and there's no denying they can be. This is because they tend to feel things deeply and passionately, and they’re often driven by their ideals and convictions.

This intensity can sometimes be a bit too much for others to handle - it can come across as intense, weird, or even obsessive sometimes. But the truth is, INFJs just care a lot. They care about their loved ones, their causes, and their beliefs.

And they’re not afraid to stand up for their convictions or fight for the people they love. An INFJs intensity will always comes from a place of care and compassion. Their hearts will always be in the right place.


Ultimately INFJs are special people with many more unique talents and quirks than can be explored in one video. They tend to see the world in a wildly different way to other personality types. This can cause them to be judged as unconventional and weird be most people they encounter.

However, it is precisely this difference that makes them so interesting and valuable as friends, family members, and just people to be around. If you know an INFJ or are one yourself, be proud of your strange and wonderful qualities.